A Little Insight


Before building and transitioning to our new software, we were using a third party service that allowed us the basic elements needed to provide you, our customer, delivery of great restaurants in your area. As we grew and added many more restaurants and customers, this third party service was unfortunately unable to accommodate that growth. We began to notice that our quality and value was falling short in a few categories and this was directly linked to our technology and the efficiency of our technology.

This lead us to the question; how do we build our own?

Well, we did it! Now we have total control over our technology. We changed the flow, added features (removed some that were unnecessary), cleaned up the website and app and best of all, we can continue to add features that fit your needs.

Three Favors We Ask


Given that these awesome improvements were a bit bigger than just a few, simple updates, there are a few things you will need to do.

1. Re-download the ZULAFOOD App. Unfortunately, we had to rebuild that application to correspond with our new system.

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2. Set up your account. We promise you will never have to do this again.

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3. Re-enter your payment information. As we have brought our technology up to date, for security reasons, we could not keep any sensitive information such as credit card numbers.